Monday, December 6, 2010

Hit By A Car (But OK!)

Mom's Note: I'll admit it's a little difficult to update Corey's (ahem, Elder Harris's) blog. Sometimes there are things in his emails that shouldn't be public and sometimes he's discouraged and I don't want that all over the internet. And sometimes we happen to be online at the same time and our emails are more conversations, mostly too boring to post here. So I guess that's my excuse for not posting for awhile, and the reason why I'll probably be more selective in the future as well.

(You can probably tell parts of this were a conversation, but I'm not posting my part.)

Its good to hear that everything was awesome this past weekend! (It was Gabby's baptism and Corey's Grandma Sherrie's 60th birthday on Saturday.) i do wish i could have been there too, and no we did not have a baptism. So ironically enough, this happened to be another one of those "trial weeks".. i'll explain, for example;
an investigator who was very promising and had loads of potential gets shot in the head for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (drug dealing, and i myself have seen a few exchanges on the fly) or when your on your way to do some service work, you ride your bike and see a car parked at an intersection, and it just so happened as i am about to pass her by she hits the gas and t-bones into me. yup, i got hit by a car. my bike was trashed, luckily we were getting new bikes that day! and i have a testimony of helmets and i know that i was being watched after, because my feet went high above my head, and i did a backflip onto my head and shoulder blade. lol it was such a rush, i am okay, except for my left foot, its a little swollen, because it hit hard on the concrete ground when i landed. all is well though, there were alot of witnesses and i kid you not, all of them were telling me to press charges! and the they looked at me as if i were stupid or something because i refused to do so! i thought it was funny, i have had the worst luck crashing my bike, but i just laugh it off, and so does my companion.

ive just been icing it and taking ibuprofen and the swelling has gone down. I'll be okay. :)

She did feel bad, was surprised that i was even asking about how her car is and stuff, and i could tell she was grateful that i wasnt going to press any charges. i never even entertained that thought. and i didnt even think to give her a pass along card, because we were in service clothes, not in a suit and tie with all of our stuff..

i really am fine and dont need anything, but what i would like is maybe a few new ties, and some letters from the entire family or something, just give me something to do on christmas day (but specifically into detail any questions they may have, or challenges in their life, etc..)lol and also i plan on writing a long letter or email for the entire family can read as my gift to you guys.
dad should be expecting a letter this week from me. (He's turning the big 4-0.)
has tyler had any luck with progression in his mission papers?
hope school is going good for ryan and riley!
and i am very proud of gabby for her decision to be baptized.
tell everyone i love and miss them

Below are pictures of the kids with a 6 foot tall cardboard cutout of Corey that a wonderful ward member had made for the Ward Christmas Party (which was also this past Saturday.) He surprised us with it on Thanksgiving day so Corey could "be here" for the holidays. We LOVE it! (Especially Tyler and Ryan because they are taller than his cutout!)

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